STEMHA Farms Part Deux

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STEMHA Farms is back for an encore this year. With the help of local businesses and farmer friends, we are conducting this major fundraising initiative, with all funds going back to the St. Eustache Arena and hockey programming. A wet spring has pushed our seeding date back, but the field dried up just in time to get it seeded yesterday.
Huge thank you to our Gold Sponsors:
Enns Brothers Ltd. for planting the crop yesterday for us
Pitura Seeds Ltd. and NorthStar Genetics for supplying the seed.
RM of Cartier for supplying the field
AgWest Ltd. for rolling the field and supplying tractor
Bois D’Travers Farms (Adam Legault and Hayley Legault) for quarterbacking this entire initiative and also seed tendering
We would also like to thank:
Nexus Bio Ag for the inoculant
Syngenta for the seed treatment
Wilf's Elie Ford for supplying the trailer for grabbing the seed
Yvan Richard and Don Campbell for picking up the seed
Adam Dyck for field scouting
There are more partners who will help us grow and harvest the crop this year and we will be highlighting them throughout the growing season. If you would like to partner with STEMHA Farms please contact Adam Legault:

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